Inquiries With No Information!!

I can’t believe how many emails I get with people asking to take a look at their band or requesting represnentaion and not providing any information about their band !!

It’s no wonder they aren’t working with the way they go about inquiring assistance.  

All you need to do is state what your looking for, leave a link to at least one of these :  bands website, Facebook band page (please have a video and pics on there) Soundcloud or Spotify etc. 

You don’t need to write me a novel in the email. Just a few paragraphs … one paragraph with those links and if I can help you out, I’ll get in touch. 

Thanks for reading this and feel free to share. 

Diving into the world of Blogs & setting up my online brand, “WTF am I Doing.”

You read all the online content on “How To Do….xyz” Everyone says its so simple, just start. Well I’ve started and simple it’s not. First problem was logging into the upgraded version of wordpress. I upgraded to have my own domain name as you know because that’s how you got here at

I have an image in my mind of what I want all this to look like and there is quite a learning curve at the moment. As a one person shop all of this is on me at the moment. Anyone that has started their own business as experienced this feeling of “WTF am I doing” For me, I’ll keep pushing on and learning. I’m sure it will all come together.